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Beautifully illustrated music booklet 'This Old Man' 

Includes a set of The Musical Spider™ Piano-Stickers and Finger-Stickers.

Place the nine spider-stickers on your piano or keyboard keys as shown.

Put the spider-stickers on your child’s fingers - remember, thumbs share the same key!

Follow the colour-coded music sheet to match each spider-sticker (finger) to each spider-sticker (piano key) in the correct order and play-along to your favourite songs!

The Musical Spider™ 'This Old Man'

VAT Included |
  • Hard Cover Booklet-Song with UV varnish;

    Dimensions closed: 25.5 cm x 25.5 cm

    A Sheet of 10 Sets of 9 Removable & Reusable Vinyl Stickers for the Piano Keys;

    A Sheet of 10 Sets of 10 Removable & Reusable Hypoallergenic Stickers for the Little Fingers.

    Note: The Musical Spider™ Rings can be purchased separately.

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