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Anne-Sophie Morel Author of The Musical Spider Piano Method for Preschoolers

Anne-Sophie Morel, an experienced musician and teacher, was inspired by her 2 year old son to create The Musical Spider™ method. She wanted to instill in him an early love for music and teach him to play the piano in a fun and simple way.


Recognition of colours is one of the first milestones in child development, therefore it made sense to Anne-Sophie to create a colour-coded piano system. So The Musical Spider™ came to life.


The fun and unique method comprises of the 9 Musical Spiders, each portraying a different colour and look for the toddler to easily differentiate.

The idea of using the spider graphic was to visually encourage the child to imitate the spider with their hands – the 10 digits, curvy – like the spider legs, with one colour for each finger, and a corresponding colour on the keyboard. 


The Musical Spider™ Method is tried and tested and the results have been extraordinary. 

Christine Bouchat Illustrator of The Musical Spider Piano Method

Christine Bouchat is a Belgium based graphic designer and illustrator, who apart from having a world wide client roster has created her own range  of  bow ties 'Simeon Claque'. Her job is her true passion.

Ovidio De Ferrari Composer
Music composition & Arrangements:

Born in Chile, the son of a piano teacher, Ovidio De Ferrari was improvising melodies from the age of 5 before later becoming a music composer.
He began giving concerts at the age of 10 as a singer and piano accompanist to the Choir of the University of Chile. At the age of 15, he was awarded his high school diploma and came first out of 390 hopefuls.
Ovidio also received a scholarship to study music and composition at the Conservatory of Music at the University of Chile. During the course of a distinguished career, Ovidio has performed in over 25 countries around the world along with his Chamber Orchestra.
He has also produced, conducted and organised hundreds of different music events. He founded a successful music school ‘The Ovidio Music Institute’ in 2000.

Ariel Toledo Producer of The Musical Spider Piano Method

Ariel Toledo is an amazing musician and sound technician. He has recorded cds and dvds in Argentina with a variety of bands with a range of rock, soul, jazz, r&b and pop bands and also has a proven track record that includes hundreds of performances in many countries around the world in South America, Europe, Middle East and South Asia.

Cara Roberts Singer of The Musical Spider Method Songtracks

Cara Jane Roberts appeared at the age of 8 in her first professional production playing the lead role of ‘Blousy’ in ‘Bugsy Malone’ at the ‘Winter Gardens Theatre’ Blackpool.
Upon graduating from Edinburgh University Cara was offered a place at the Royal Academy of Music in London and partook in a years Diploma course in Musical Theatre. In London she appeared in several musical productions and played the lead role of the Witch in ‘Into the Woods’ by Stephen Sondheim. Whilst in London she received her Diploma in Television Presenting, from the Royal Academy of Film, Television and Radio.
Cara was a recipient of the ‘Ian Fleming Award’ and the DIP RAM Award of Distinction from the Royal Academy. Credits include both Stage and Screen. Exposure to an International Corporate market has resulted in many opportunities as both Presenter/MC and Vocalist for a variety of High Profile Brands.

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