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The Inspiration behind The Musical Spider method

Updated: Apr 25

I was inspired by my 2 year old, Liam, to create The Musical Spider™. I wanted him to learn to play the piano in a fun and engaging way.

By 2 years old, a child has usually mastered the ability to differentiate colours. So I

created colour-coded piano method for toddlers to learn in a simple and effective way using all of their fingers.

To make it a bit more interesting and playful, I created 9 musical spiders with different colours and looks.

The idea of using the spider graphics was to encourage the child to imitate spiders with their hands – their 10 fingers, curvy – like the spider legs.

The Musical Spider method is so simple that you don’t need a teacher or musical skills.

Because toddlers usually have a short attention span and learn better in familiar surroundings, it made sense to have a home teaching method.

This also gives parents an opportunity to interact with their little ones.

Playing the piano at such a young age stimulates certain areas of the brain that control fine motor skills, memory and speech. As they grow up, this translates into improved academic results and a love for music!


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